Why The Army Is Borrowing Light Armored Vehicles From The Marines

The U.S. Army is borrowing light armored vehicles from the Marine Corps to offer support for airborne forces. The LAV-25A2, armed with a devastating 25mm automatic cannon, will provide reconnaissance and fire support for paratroopers until an even more heavily armed, permanent solution can be arranged.

Last week, however, the Army reactivated 4-68 Armor as it shifts attention away from conflicts like the war in Afghanistan toward potential slugfests with large, mechanized forces such as the Russian army. If the 82nd Airborne Division ever goes into action against Russian troops, it could find its foot-mobile paratroopers outmaneuvered by Russians riding in BTR, BMP, and Kurganets-25 armored vehicles. The Marine Corps' LAV-25A2 is a stopgap solution to keep that from happening.